Management of Change

Management of Change, transition or projectmanagement.
Intersumma will allways start with the market, market segment, prospect or customer. Whatever we do, strategy is allways anchored in market, with customers and with stakeholders. An analysis of the elements from that market is needed. Intersumma will folow the rule that “structure follows strategy”.
The organisation will follow the demands from the markets, customers and stakeholders, under efficient and effective conditions.

We will allways go through your existing data in order to build the platform for further work. All existing research will help to really underpin the actions we will propose in order to get to a customerfriendly organization. If there is a need for new data we will be happy to execute a survey . This process has been realised succesfully with a number of major customers.

Intersumma will do everything neccessary to stramline the commercial proces an ensure that the customer can eTogether we will work on plans to change the process in such a way that  objectives are being met in a effective and efficient way.

Intersumma can execute the management of change programs on the commercial processm from product-  and marketmanagement upt to seniordirector level.


Customerfriendliness based upon:
– customer focus
– customer satisfaction
– customer relationship
– customermanagement

in an organisation which is efficient and effective.