International Marketing cases

For educational purposes a number of Marketing cases have been developed. The basis of the cases has been a number of marketing exams, used in the International Marketing program for the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Individual cases are based on international companies, and usually consist of three parts; a presentation (occasionally) , the case text, the questions which are relevant for international marketing students, and the outline of the answers to the questions. All text is in English, and the cases are based upon public sources, written and adjusted by Robert J. (Bob) Fetter of Intersumma. Usually the cases include a  paragraph of a small company related to the large International Corporation. That part is written by Robert J. (Bob) Fetter, who has Copyright.

The cases can be used for educational purposes.

If you download the cases, please let us know the answers to the following questions:

–      Name, address, residence.

–      The organization or company you intend to use the material for.

–      The use you are going to make of the case.

–      The number of copies you expect to be using