Corporate Social Responsability and sustainability is not just words for you. You are convinced dat CSR is going to be a new rule of the game and essential for continuity and profitablilty. You know that writing the books is not going to be enough.  And, you can allways find a CSR director if there is a proven business case. Intersumma can deliver a CSR management actionplan, with a clear and positieve effect on the commercial process.

The proposition

Intersumma would like to execute a CSR audit with you. We will check in a limited number of interviews with key-players in your organisation where CSR programs are used and where we see opportunity to do better and dig deeper.

We will use the value chain of your organization as a key, and will look at both your primary and your secundary processes. Continously with yor CSR commitment in focus. We will check your compliance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and will check upon the Cradle to Cradle concepts (Braungart en McDonough) if applicable.

To comply with GRI you need to follow a number of procedures pretty closely. We will go through your quality programs and planning cycles to find where we have to develop new material, if relevant.

We will report, detailled and practical, in the form of a management action program. If you want us to we can implement the program together with you and can we do further work on commercializing the program.

In other words, a strong framework with a major contribution to your medium and long term CSR commitment, made visible and effective. If people in your organization need further  training on the subject, Intersumma works with TSM (Twente School of Management, part of the University of Twente) . TSM works with partners on CSR education.