The Times They are a Changing (Bob Dylan)
Summary: The end result of a number of major changes in the world has  been globalization, driving part of our economic growth from 2000 onwards. This trend now seems  to reverse, with nationalist tendencies in  the USA and Europe.  Those nationalist tendencies further initiate similar trends in other countries or regions. Lower economic growth rates and or political unrest in BRIC countries and  Africa further reduce globalization potential. These developments make autonomous growth  within international businesses  increasingly difficult. The need for a mergers and acquisition “wish list” is further increasing, as is a substantial M and A fund. More:

China opens up!
Summary: China is now opening up its financial markets;  just a little bit. Foreigners can buy Chinese stocks and Chinese can buy other than Chinese stocks. The trading route is through the Hongkong and Shanghai axis. A reason to invest heavily in China? Several reasons indicate that it might be a good idea to be a little bit  careful. China has a number of area’s which are issues; the planned economy ; the housing bubble, the two-tier banking system, environmental issues,  the questionable reliability of  economic numbers,  the fact that numerous companies have only recently gained their independence  from government control, the human rights issue and the ambition to aggressively grow inland demand in order to be less dependent upon the rest of the  world.

Sell more online
Summary: We are going to sell online much more than we did in the past. This will reduce the importance of the role of the other sales instrument and channels. Search Engine Optimalization (SEO) is a fundamental condition to increase online sales success. In order to increase online sales, we want to follow Google very closely. Content is king, presentation is queen, conversion is key and the customer is leading. Time to spend more effort in online selling and get attention for the online channel to a higher level in the organization!