Strategy and scenario’s

Work on handling an uncertain future.  From the current business position we work on several scenario’s for an uncertain future. We call them bandwidth scenario’s. We will manage within those bandwidth’s and we will change them for another bandwidth  if circumstances make that neccessary. We explicitly take an uncertain future into account. More on strategy and scenario’s will follow.

Customer satisfaction

Intersumma works on improving your commercial process. We have served a number of cusotmers in B2B and B2C. We worked with both decision makers and end-users. We are always focussed on implementation. Customer satisfaction is a judgement based on the actual experience in using the product, the service and the total expected benefit of the product or service.

More details on customer satisfaction and stakeholders research will follow.

Business Development

After you have worked hard on improving the cusomer focus in your organization, you wil find you cannot stop there.

Servicing your customer base is essential. On top of that customer base is there is the challenge of funneling yor new business into your organization. Element which can help you to guide your new bsuiness activities are:

  • improvement programs on your existing products or services.
  • building upon your customer base to obtain new business ideas
  • possibilities for a further,more detailed, market segmentation.

Another possibility, often overlooked, are in depth discussions with your own people. In our experience this can strongly improve your new business thrust.

More details on business development will follow.

Your interest in CSR

Corporate Social Responsability and sustainability is not just words for you. You are convinced dat CSR is going to be a new rule of the game and essential for continuity and profitablilty. You know that writing the books is not going to be enough.  And, you can allways find a CSR director if there is a proven business case. Intersumma can deliver a CSR management actionplan, with a clear and positieve effect on the commercial process.

Our proposition: Intersumma would like to execute a CSR audit with you. We will check in a limited number of interviews with key-players in your organisation where CSR programs are used and where we see opportunity to do better and dig deeper. More on CSR under the seperate heading.

Management of change

Transition or projectmanagement.

Intersumma will allways start with the market, market segment, prospect or customer. Whatever we do, strategy is allways anchored in market, with customers and with stakeholders. An analysis of the elements from that market is needed. Intersumma will folow the rule that “structure follows strategy”.
The organisation will follow the demands from the markets, customers and stakeholders, under efficient and effective conditions.

We will allways go through your existing data in order to build the platform for further work. All existing research will help to really underpin the actions we will propose in order to get to a customerfriendly organization. If there is a need for new data we will be happy to execute a survey . This process has been realised succesfully with a number of major customers. More on Management of change under the seperate heading.