Time for action!

We need continous change. For most of us markets have changed. Lower growth from a much lower level, pricepressure, lower profitability and more competition. We work on growth through innovation, we work on profitability through an “out of the box” look at costs and we work on our extra online sales (among others through SEO).  Start working on change, and let change work for you. We like to do that with with you. Phone us on +31-6-22504136.
Our fee structure fits  in with the new rules of the game! Read more under the heading columns.



Intersumma works for more than twenty years with her customers on improving control over the commercial proces and improving  effectiveness and efficiency with a higher profitability as a result. We will  start with the information you have on your customer base, and your vision. We will then work together on vision development, an improved platform for new business, CRM audit and business case, account- and project management, marketingresearch including customer and employee satisfaction, strategic pricing, direct marketing mix activities, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and programs for CSR. Intersumma works for customers in business services, building and industry, banks and insurance companies, pharma and healthcare.

Intersumma works with passion and commitment for Corporate Social Responsability and Sustainable Development. There is room for Planet, People and Prosperity. We choose values which fit  CSR.  We  like to talk to you.


Robert J. (Bob) Fetter